Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decoden parts

Handmade deco den /3d nail deco parts. Some looks "bent" for nail deco purposes.

Dark and strawberry chocolate

Ribbons :)

Heart waffles

Bunny waffles

There are also snowflakes and candies I didn't take individual pictures of.


  1. cute cute cute!!<3 i need to get some proper molds too~~ *jealous*

  2. Yuh! The ribbon and hearts were actually original part that I bought in hk, and made a mould out of it. Seriously saves heaps of money xD

  3. yeah i know!<3 i love molds, but the ones i have are for big stuff, not tiny cute nail deco u know ;; i tried to make my own molds but most of them failed... the rest i havent dared to use yet lol 8)

  4. so lovely! I love it! are those edible? x3

  5. Those are so so adorable, hun! I love the bunny waffles

  6. Wow, adorable. <3
    I love waffles. nicely done.