Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strange little things

So I've moved from my old art blog to a new one because I was tired of the name. Here's the first official art post. These are scultpures I used for my last school project, themed "Town" or "City".
I thought of the "big city" (metropolis), where it's very busy and often stressfull, people rushing everywhere for work or school and everything is just a blurry mess. I wanted to give of the feel of a little village that's free of worries, a tranquil world people can escape to and breathe, and such places are most often only found in storybooks.

I hadn't intended to use these for the project as they were more as an experiment. But they turned out to be fitting :O

These are mostly inspired by Apricot Jam, so credits goes to her.

They're made of paper clay and given texture, with the exception of the fence in wood and grass which is artificial moss chopped up. Resin is used for the water. Painted with acrylics and watercolor. They're about 8cm or below


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the house one~

  2. Saw your post on Soompi, and WOW. I LOVE it!! Great job!!

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